A Clinical Expert in Guiding Individuals and Communities To Resilience

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What It Means to Immerse Yourself In other People’s Crazy For A living.

If You ask a clinician to recount an impactful interaction with a client, it often has a powerful and meaningful message for other clinicians. This Workshop is an interactive and thoughtful experience for those working in the clinical/Behavioral Health realm.

Professional Clinical Workshop

The Professional Clinical Workshop allows space for participants; seasoned or new to the field, to share stories of client successes and challenges and be challenged to re-frame the outcomes. The goal is to illuminate the messages that we often miss when we are entrenched in the work. This is perfect if you are looking to re-charge your energy for the work, foster greater connection and dialogue among colleagues or enhance acceptance and professional growth in your organization.  There is sure to be laughter and tears and profound moments of insight as personal and professional experiences are shared and Melissa expertly enlightens you with the relevance of the clinical and human experience. Be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences and walk away with appreciation and illuminating thoughts about what it means to immerse yourself in other people’s crazy.

This workshop Objectives are:

  • Building compassion, empathy, humility in sharing professional experiences.

  • Learning to champion your work through story telling.

  • Understanding the twists and turns of the work are a relevant part of the journey.

  • Realizing the power in sharing and looking at the experience from differing perspectives.

  • Increasing a sense of accomplishment in this often subjective work.

Participants will leave with:

  • Clarity of their personal and professional journey.

  • A greater sense of humility for oneself and one’s colleagues.

  • A greater sense of respect for the work.

A Clinical Expert in Guiding Individuals and Communities To Resilience

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Facilitating Conversations About Meaningful Professional Clinical Experiences.